Saturday, February 4, 2012

There is manhy a thing that peaks the interest - but I must be totally prepared and simply be guns loaded with every thing, and make overachiever and succcess ooze from each.$ZylKZYBZnmkdG75HYKE_k3GScL4mgIIcvwHi1zmQvOIG7Ms8oPaXjMJ2AxMRVjlofnKzG0-xawaOI6SiwQka7g$iUBjLu4T5si1-f5MgX84qhK1ARvD7bz03Gcx4FupYes

This, if it indeed shows, is the great riddle, enigma - it is for me to display and passionately imbue with great things.

"I did not expect things to be given to me - I took it and went after it, and I made it"
- Gale Sayers
So my future before me (per business success) is there for the taking -
it is there looking at me, waiting, lying there, silently, calling for me to grasp it.
I will take it.

My prospects are for these.

I will grab one and hit it out of the park - blow their requisites out of the water.

Thus far, a library has received a sheet with my abilities - soon a gym locale near me will receive one likewise in which written on it are qualifications remarkable. I will take my success.

Updates coming